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Summer Event (Back in Time) - [15/08/2019]
Summer Event 2019 Event will end: September 12th 2019 Storyline MoJo JoJo is hearing voices from the past. They are asking him to return to the time where his Village w...Read More
Maintenance Tomorrow - [05/09/2019]
Hi everyone!   We will be having our weekly maintenance tomorrow, September 6th instead of today!   ...Read More
PVP tournament (c48+) - [20/08/2019]
Hi all, We're receiving a lot of requests for events in game so I thought you might like some pvp-based events. Don't worry if you won't be able to join this one, i'll (or a...Read More
Patch v40 - [19/08/2019]
General Changes:  - The following stat has had a rework: Quote When a hunted monster drops an item, there's a %s%% chance that it drops the item a second tim...Read More
Titles - [16/08/2019]
Hey all, We understand Titles are missing right now, this will be fixed tomorrow. NOTE: Do not worry, your titles are still there and any new titles you gain will be add...Read More