Welcome to NosTale Vendetta
Server Side Patch - [22/06/2017]
Bug Fixes:  - FC % Bug is now fixed! ...Read More
Disabled Messenger - [21/06/2017]
Hey Guys, I've disabled my messenger on the forums. Please use the ticket system if you need to get in touch with me. There is far too many requests being made every day via...Read More
[COMPLETE] Maintenance - [20/06/2017]
Status: Online Servers are now back online! Mystery Boxes have been updated! ------------------------------- Servers are offline for our weekly maintenance. ...Read More
Server Side Patch - [20/06/2017]
General Changes:  - Added a server side check when gathering to prevent certain hacks being used. Bug Fixes:  - Fixed the welcome message as it was missing some text. ...Read More
Downtime[ONLINE] - [18/06/2017]
Hey Guys, We're expecting some downtime whilst I fix a bug crashing the servers. I wouldn't expect the servers to be online tonight the servers will be back online tomorrow....Read More