Welcome to NosTale Vendetta
[Event] Halloween Art Event - [01/11/2018]
Hey there NosPlayers!  Even though Halloween has already passed by we thought it would be a nice idea to host a spooky little art and story telling event for you. W...Read More
Halloween Event - [01/11/2018]
Halloween has returned to NosTale Vendetta! Raids The following 2 raids have made a come back! Jack O'Lantern Foxy New Mini-Game There has been a new Mini-Ga...Read More
[COMPLETE] Maintenance - [08/11/2018]
  Status: ONLINE The server is currently coming back online and you may now log in again. Mystery boxes have been updated for this week and can be located in-ga...Read More
Patch v26 - [08/11/2018]
General Changes:  - Adjusted item decription of VGN Power Candy.  - VGN Power Candy should no longer remove Attack Potion buff when used.  - VGN Power Candy should no long...Read More
Patch v25 - [02/11/2018]
General Changes:  - Updated game with latest assets.  - Added "Frost Warrior's Set (Permanent)" box to the game for future Mystery Box.  - Added "Dracula Set (Permanent)" ...Read More