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[COMPLETE] Maintenance - [17/01/2019]
Status: ONLINE Servers are now back online, Mystery Boxes have been updated. Thank you for your patience.   ...Read More
Patch Work Delays - [15/01/2019]
Hey all, I'm having to delay all patch work for a week (or so) whilst I work for a while IRL. I am sorry about this I didn't anticipate to be returning back to work so soon ...Read More
Rainbow Battle (Beta Season) - [03/12/2018]
With the revamped Rainbow Battle we have decided to create a Ranked Seasonal System for everyone to compete and enjoy in. This season as it is a Beta Season will only last 1...Read More
Winter Event - [24/12/2018]
Winter Event 2018 NosVille has been turned into a Winter Wonderland, Bash has ticked off his naughty list. It's time for the Winter Event everybody! Raids You can en...Read More
Server Side Patch - [03/01/2019]
General Changes:  - Improved rate of Jennifer's Feathered Hat from Rainbow Battle Chest. ...Read More