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Game Sage Applications - [22/04/2019]
Hello everyone!   We are currently in the process of looking for Game Sages for Scarlet Blade (pending how many are received), and Eden Ete...Read More
Rainbow Battle (Season One) - [28/02/2019]
Season One of Rainbow Battle has begun. This season we've decided to keep the same format from the Beta Season but we've made some changes to how the Rank System rewards poi...Read More
Quick Maintenance - [16/04/2019]
Hey all, We're just applying a quick maintenance so we can send Rainbow Battle Season One rewards out to everyone. Thank you! ...Read More
Server Side Patch - [15/04/2019]
Fixed a bug causing the server to crash. Fixed a bug with speakers showing "incorrect symbol" error. ...Read More
[COMPLETE] Maintenance - [15/04/2019]
Status: ONLINE The server is currently coming back online and you may now log in again. Mystery boxes have been updated for this week and can be located in-game for...Read More