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NosBasaar (Lost Items) - [21/05/2019]
Hey all, It's come to our attention that more than just a few people have lost some items in the NosBasaar. We were originally assuming these were expired items but it seems...Read More
Patch v36 - [20/05/2019]
Trade Limit has returned: Spoiler Mage, Swordsman and Archer *Must reach level 83. *Must complete Act 1, Scene 6. (This includes the...Read More
[RETURNED] Chatbox - [16/05/2019]
Chatbox has now returned, now that everything has cooled down we've allowed the chatbox to return. ~~~~~~ Chatbox has been removed until further notice. ...Read More
Trade Limit Removed (Till Monday) - [17/05/2019]
Hey all, We've listened to the communities concerns as they did not have any time to react to this change. We have removed the Trade Limit until Monday, this will give every...Read More
[BACK ONLINE] Quick Downtime - [17/05/2019]
Sorry about that everyone, things should be back as normal. There was a poor update provided by our operating system provider which caused a lot of lag. It was fixed quite quick...Read More